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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jurek Does It Again, Arkansas Traveller this Saturday and 9/24 to 9/30 Weekly Recap

24.03 Miles, 3:06:21, 7:45 Pace
Crosstraining - 4:35:00 (3 Hours Yoga / 1 Hour Cardio Kickboxing / 35 minutes Elliptical Workout)

Scott Jurek won the Spartathlon again with another amazing performace! Here's the recap from the Spartathlon 07 website:

"Scott Jurek did it again, finishing first in 23:12:14. Although after Sangas he was part of the leading group, which included former winners like Valmir Nunes, Marcus Thalman and Jens Lucas, he managed to take the lead after Tegea increrasing his distance from the 2nd runner in every check point.

Scott Jurek from U.S.A. now holds the 5th fastest time from last year and the 6th from this years race.

Piotr Kurylo from Poland finished seccond in 24:29:41, followed by Valmir Nunes 3rd in 25:37:40."

For the full list of finishers click HERE. Congratulations to all!

As most of you know I will be participating in the 17th Annual Arkansas Traveller 100 this upcoming weekend, October 6-7. This is only my second 100 miler in my short running career and my goal is to break the 24 hour mark which is going to require everything I have both physically and mentally. The buckle pictured above is the enameled one you receive for breaking the 24 hour barrier; I hope to have a picture of me wearing mine next week for the blog. Here's a description of the AT 100 race from A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning, edited by Don Allison:

"The Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile is held on a 17-mile loop, followed by an 83 mile out-and-back. A short section of the route, about eight miles, is run over the unstable and rocky footing of the Ouachita Trail; the remainder is a mix of primarily dirt and jeep roads consisting of variably adequate footing. With no especially unique challenges, the 30-hour cut-off should be more than adequate for all runners. There are no major climbs on the course, the highest point is a hill called Smith Mountain that is crossed in both directions (mile 45 and 75) of the out-and-back. Since much of the course is run on dusty forest service and jeep roads, exposure to the sun should be expected. There are no stream crossings to deal with, and only a few short sections over which mud may be a concern."

They make it sound like a walk in the park; no problem, right!?! As far as difficulty goes it is rated the same as Kettle Morraine and Heartland. The key for me is to keep a steady pace throughout the entire race and not to fall into a death march in the last 30 miles like I did a few months ago at Kettle. I have a great crew with my Dad and Andrew Karandjeff and have my fueling strategy worked out; my body feels strong and I have no major injuries except for a slightly weak left ankle. This goal is definitely achievable and I'm ready to embrace the experience! I'm also looking forward to running with many of my Ultra friends down there including Gabe Bevan, Mike Samuelson, Kevin Dorsey, Rick Mayo, Matt Bickhard, Carol Izadi, Steve Kirk, Brian Kuhn and others. Also, fellow SLUG and one of my Ultra Mentors, Paul Schoenlaub, will be manning the Chile Pepper Aid Station so I'll be in good hands. Please keep me and all of the other runners in your thoughts and prayers next Saturday and Sunday as we face this challenge.

I'll leave you with a quote that I saw Friday afternoon as I was running by Kirkwood Middle School on Manchester Road:

"Don't wait for inspiration to act. Act to spark inspiration!"

Hope all is well and Happy Running,


Anonymous said...

Thanks brother. I'm looking at it as a nice long training run for Rock Creek 50km four weeks from now. After that its Sunmart 50 miler. My friend Willie Lambert is comping me and a few other guys entries and is paying for our way down there. I'll have my shit back together by then.
Good luck at Traveler. Sub 24 no sweat. You Gabe and Rick just stick together as long as you can and you'll do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Great but being there and watching Scott get through at various check points - why aren't you giving credit to the Polish guy who came second??? He WALKED from Poland in 6 weeks to Greece to join the race. Not a wealthy man, they had a whip round to get him entered.

Personally, having been involved with the first original race in 1983 and through to 1985, sincerely believe it will take another Kouros to beat to 20 hour time record.


Sasha Brewis

Deanna Stoppler said...


Rock on Carey, I wish you the best this weekend. You'll do great as usual. I'll be thinking of you as I run my dinky 15 miles compared to your 100! Hopefully, one day we can pace for each other. Run hard my friend!

Shane A. Jones said...

Good Luck at Arkansas!