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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Go'in Back to Cali" and Staying Fit During the Holidays

"Go'in Back To Cali"
Last week I headed out to Los Angeles to visit my good friend, Erik, for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The plan was to catch up with Erik on life, eat (of course), run along the beach, make some new friends and get in some hiking up near Malibu. I'm happy to say I did all of that and then some and the weather was perfect; sunny from the moment I stepped off the plane until I left yesterday with highs hovering around 70 degrees and lows dipping into the 50's. Erik owns a beautiful house in Venice about a mile from the beach so every morning I ran along the boardwalk towards Santa Monica Pier and ventured as far as Pacific Palisades a few times. I would then jump on the bike for a bagel and peanut butter from Main Street Bagels in Santa Monica and a No Sugar Added Mocha Latte from the Coffee Bean. Mmmmm... delicious!

We spent Thanksgiving at Erik's house and the meal was excellent; it was all organic and everyone brought a homemade dish. The dinner guests were great and all very interesting; they included Janella (works for Brushfire Records), Elizabeth (a local artist), Mike (a professional BMX rider and owner of Lavar Brand), Frank (owner of Natural High Lifestyle), Jason (an account exec for Outside Magazine), Brittany (a Director at Quiksilver) and Erik (SVP Merchandising and Design at Quiksilver). Frank advised us all to have an eating strategy so we had dinner and desert while taking regularly scheduled breaks to rest and let everything settle; eating can be hard work! With such a diverse group of people the conversations were very thought provoking; I enjoyed soaking it all in as we discussed everything from the environment to how to make the perfect cup of french press coffee.

Friday I woke up with a sugar hangover thanks to Brittany's homemade pies and ran it off with my own personal half marathon along the beach. After my bagel and coffee Erik and I headed up to Leo Carillo for some hiking and grabbed a bite at Malibu Seafood on our way back home. Friday night was mellow with dinner at Primitivo on Abbott Kinney and Saturday I spent most of the day just riding my bike around Venice exploring and people watching. I thought I was supposed to fly out Sunday afternoon so Erik took me to the airport around 10:00 am but when I tried to check-in I figured out that my flight was actually booked for Monday. I took a cab back to his house and enjoyed the rest of my bonus day; OK with me! Erik and his friends were so kind and really made me feel welcome during my stay. Part of the reason for the trip was to figure out what's next for me in my career and where I want to live; I can definitely see myself returning to the sunny beaches and warm people of Southern California and know that the right door will open if that is where I'm supposed to be. To check out all of the pictures from the trip click HERE.

I definitely ate my fair share but made sure to get plenty of exercise during my vacation to burn off the excess calories. I logged over 60 miles of running along the beach and a ton of miles on the bike exploring Venice; it's OK to indulge a bit but it's imperative to maintain your workout routine especially during this busy season. I was reading the article, "You're Invited For The Holidays," in the LA Times on Sunday and it talked about how important it is to make time for exercise so you can start 2008 feeling fit and healthy. The article had some really good tips and you can check it out in its entirety by clicking HERE. Of course my recommendation is to just lace-up the sneakers, throw on some layers and head out the door!

This weekend is the Green Rock 40 Mile Fun Run out on the trails behind Six Flags. My good friend, Deanna, is heading down from Columbia Friday afternoon to crash at my parents house and we're going to roast up some SMOREs in the backyard; Good Times! The run starts at 6:00 am Saturday morning and I figure it will probably take us around 9-10 hours. The weather is looking ideal, partly cloudy with a high of 40 degrees and no chance of rain; PERFECT! I'll have pictures and a full report next week.

Hope your Holiday was good and Happy Running,


Unknown said...

Wow !!! Great pixs!! Enjoyed your blog tremendously! Man, I wish I am going to California. Thanks for sharing!

Carey said...

Thanks Ted; Cali was great, now I've just got to figure out how to support myself out there :-) No one's offered to sponsor me yet but I guess I would need to win some races first; I probably need to figure out a better plan. Something will come along; patience is key.
Stay Tuned :-)

Anonymous said...

Brother you crack me up. Your so right wing and scientific about your training. Then you get out to Cali and turn into such a hippie. Quit fighting it and just give in. Let your hair grow long and start wearing running skirts. Throw the running plan out the window and just run. The lord will take care of you whatever you decide to do. Just live life and stop worrying. Good luck to you and Deanna this Saturday.

Unknown said...


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