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Monday, April 23, 2007

4/16 - 4/22 Weekly Recap and Double Chubb Race

60.72 Miles, 10:13:50, 10:06 Pace

Ran about 29 miles during the week with the remainder on Saturday in the Double Chubb race. The race started at 7:30 am and the temperature was around 52 degrees with very little wind; conditions couldn't have been much better but I knew it was going to warm up rather quickly. This course consists of two out and back's (7.75 mile stretch); the beginning is all downhill then flat for about 3.5 miles followed by a long climb and then rolling hills until the turn. My first out and back was pretty quick at 2:31:58 as I knew that the second lap would be much slower due to the increasing heat of the day. I made sure to stay hydrated and took about 16 Succeed caps during the race; seemed to maintain the right balance through the race as I felt pretty good the whole time. For the second out and back I walked when I felt like it and took it easy as the temps reached the upper 70's by the end of the race for a time of 2:57:54. I finished with a new PR, 5:29:52 and placed 19th out of 51 runners. It was great to see all of the SLUGs out there and run with some good friends; Victoria and David put on a great race as usual! Mindy also did great in the 25k with a time of 3:21; I'm amazed that she can just go and bust out 15.5 miles with very little run training. It's a testament to the hard work she puts in at the gym; she's in great shape and is a true runner in my book! Yesterday I took it easy as the heat from Saturday kind of zapped me.

This week will be back to normal and I'll run around 45-50 miles with 25 of those miles on the weekend. No true long runs just back to back medium runs. My next race, the Berryman Marathon, is on May 19th followed 2 weeks later on June 2nd by the Kettle Morraine 100 miler.

Run light and stay cool,

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