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Friday, December 3, 2010

Marathon & Beyond 100 Mile Training Article

Very exciting news! I wrote an article a few years back and it will finally be published in the January/February 2011 issue of Marathon & Beyond. The article is titled "How I Trained for my First 100 Miler" and chronicles my journey from my first ultra, the Berryman 50 miler, all the way to my final exam at the 2007 Kettle Morraine 100 mile run. Check out for details of where to get your own issue or to subscribe; it's a great magazine that every ultra runner will enjoy reading!
Hope you all are well and Happy Running!


Susan said...

Hi Carey,
I read your article in Marathon and Beyond, really terrific!! I just found your blog and and was happy to find that you are in St. Louis, as well. Sadly, it appears that your blog is in limbo. Are you still running? In a past blog entry, you tracked down Dean Karnazes...will you be joining the 5K with Dean in April? Susan

Carey said...

Hi Susan,
Really glad you enjoyed the article; I wrote it a few years back so I was very excited that it finally got published! I am actually living in Chicago now and have semi-retired from running due to some chronic lower back issues; I do run a few times a week but rarely further than 5 miles. That's OK though, I always have the memories of my ultra-running days and treasure the friendships I made through the sport. As you pointed out, the blog is no longer active but rather than deleting it I thought I would leave it up for others to enjoy. I really put a lot of time and effort into it, it was a big part of my life, and hope that others find the information useful and the stories interesting. Thanks again for the note and best of luck in the future!

Schenbo said...

Hi Carey,
Chicago is my hometown. I absolutely love Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza!I'm happy to hear that you are still running. It seems like everyone I've talked to lately is dealing with some form of injury which has them sidelined. :-( I loved reading your entire fact, I read it from start to finish in one sitting. You write beautifully, and I hope that you will continue to inspire others through your life's journey. Best wished to you, Carey!

Paul said...

Hi Carey

I've just read your article in M&B recently. I'm about to attempt my first 100-mile race in two weeks time and your article was inspirational. It also rammed home the enormity of the challenge facing me!

Truly an amazing achievement!

All the best

Carey said...

Really glad you enjoyed the article and hope some of the tips will come in handy when you toe the line for your "first" in a few weeks. Which one are you running?
Best of luck!

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