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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

McNaughton Park 150 Mile Trail Run - It's Official!!!

Saturday sunset at McNaughton (both photo's from MPTR site)

So I caved into peer pressure from Sherpa John and officially signed up for the McNaughton Park 150 Mile Trail Run just minutes ago! The race begins at noon on Friday, April 11th and has a 52 hour time limit meaning that it officially ends at 4:00 pm on Sunday, April 13th. REALLY!!! 52 HOURS!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!?!

It's the only 150 mile trail race in the US and consists of fifteen 10 mile loops with 1,600 feet of elevation change per loop. One of the 2005 participants described the course as follows:

“It’s one of the most scenic courses I know: Mostly singletrack, forest with some meadows, hills with beautiful valleys in between. Lots of flowers and wildlife. At dawn, when I came to the 3rd creek crossing, thousands of birds were singing, frogs were ‘talking’ everywhere, wild geese above me were chatting, and several Whitetail Deer crossing the trail.”

As far as difficulty the following is on the race website:
- Easier than Barkley.
- Cooler than Badwater.
- Lower altitude than Leadville.
- Warmer than Yukon Artic Ultras.

What does that mean? Doesn't seem to really help much since I've never run any of those races! To view the list of all the other crazy people registered for the MPTR 150 Miler click HERE.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu
In this case it's "only" 150 miles but did he have a time limit???

More to come in the months ahead...


sherpajohn said...

Now we'll see what your made of. We'll shed some pounds and brain cells together!

Yabba dabba Doooooo!

me_gusta_correr said...

Way to go, Carey! Sounds, ya know, like "fun". Makes me want to try a 100 miler this year(kettle moraine???).

James Prentice said...

Carey, thanks for visiting my blog. I 've recently begun to follow and really enjoy yours also.

The Canadian Death Race is known for being a mixed bag as far as the weather is concerned. It could be 30 degrees Celcius during the day on the sun exposed trails, and after dark, at higher elevations, it could drop to below zero, freezing conditions with snow lined trails. 2007 was grey skys, pouring rain, and sloppy trails.

Yeah, Edmonton International is the nearest airport, from there the drive is about 5hrs.

For a lot more information first hand from runners visit -

Crazy Legs said...


Welcome to McNaughton 150 miler! Train hard and see you there.

Carey said...

Thanks Paul for the welcome; looking forward to it! My base mileage is set and I've got quite a few races before McNaughton to get ready including the 3 Days of Syllamo Stage Race. Great performance last year! I'm looking forward to meeting you and running a few laps together (if I can keep up :-)
Stay healthy and see you in a few short months,

yipwt said...

wow..150 miles...

good luck man. It'll be one long run..