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Monday, February 18, 2008

Break Free! (Nike Ad)

Fellow SLUG, Carol King, sent this out to our running group today after reading my 2008 Sylamore Trail 50K Run Race Report:

"Hi everyone,
After reading Carey Smith's blog I felt compelled to share this video. Thanks for sharing your "questioning why you are running" portion of your race report. I do it a lot, being a new runner. It made me feel better to know that experienced, accomplished runners do it too."

As I told Carol I didn't realize they had a video camera following me on Saturday; that ad is so realistic it's scary! I think every runner has experienced this internal battle no matter how long they've been running or how many races they have under their belt. The trick is to remember all the things you love about the sport and to keep pushing on when all you want to do is quit.

Break free from those negative thoughts; let them eat your dust!

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