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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Endurance Planet "Tales From The Trail" Audio Magazine

Endurance Planet and Zombierunner have partnered together to produce an audio magazine for ultrarunners. Included in Volume 1 is the late Joel Zucker's 1997 Hardrock Report, along with my Arkansas Traveller Race Report and a race report from Andy Jones Wilkins. The following is a description of the monthly Tales from the Trail audio magazine:

"Finally, an audio magazine for ultrarunners! Endurance Planet, a website for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and adventure racers has partnered with ZombieRunner to offer Tales From the Trail, a monthly compilation of true ultrarunning stories. The professionally produced stories are available here each month for $3.95, while this inaugural edition is free. Enjoy! And meet us back here next month."

To Play in Windows Media Player click HERE.
To Play MP3 Stream click HERE.
For a Direct Link to the MP3 file click HERE.

You can also visit Endurance Planet or Zombierunner for more information.

Download the MP3 to your IPOD and listen to some inspiring race reports while you're hammering out the miles.
Hope you enjoy!

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