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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Yes, Running Can Make You High" - NY Times Article

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I meant to post this earlier when I saw it on the Ultralist but simply forgot; I know, hard to believe, but it happens :-) Interesting article in the March 27th edition of the New York Times:

"Researchers in Germany, using advances in neuroscience, report in the current issue of the journal Cerebral Cortex that the folk belief is true: Running does elicit a flood of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins are associated with mood changes, and the more endorphins a runner’s body pumps out, the greater the effect."

To read the article in its entirety please click HERE.


Jeremy said...

Not that you care, but Scott Dunlap blogged about this on his blog too. It is a cool article.

Carey said...

Had no idea, almost been too busy to keep up with my own blog let alone have much time to read others. Great minds think a like??? If only my legs were as fast as his...

Deanna Stoppler said...

Pretty cool read. Some people were passing that article around work because one dude doesn't believe it. But he doesn't exercise much, so it makes sense.

Ready for McNaughton? Who is pacing you? Your dad is going right?

Thanks for the comment on my Rockin K post; it was just what I needed.

Carey said...

As ready as I'll ever be! The weather forecast looks quite interesting; high Saturday of 42 with periods of rain and wind gusts up to 30 mph and a low Saturday night of 29 with wind gusts up to 25 mph and periods of snow, sleet and rain. I'm not going to lie; I'm not so stoked. That's a long way to run in conditions like that but I'm going to stay positive and strong. No pacer; my goals are first, to finish this one solo and second, go under 24 hours. My Mom and my Dad are both going; feel kind of bad for them since the conditions will be so brutal for the spectators.